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Region 15E Local groups

Groups are advertised here only as a service to people interested in locating a quilting group near them. These groups are independent of The Quilters' Guild.

Alington House Quilters

Meeting Day: Tuesday morning

Venue: Durham

Contact: Deborah Sims-Williams

Phone: 0191 386 9954

Berwick Quilters

Meeting Day: Wednesday evening or Thursday all day, once a fortnight

Venue: Horncliffe Village Hall

Contact: Caroline Morrell

Phone: 07801 903 196

Board Inn Quilters

Meeting Day: Wednesday 10am - 12noon

Venue: East Herrington Chapel

Contact: Mary Birt

Phone: 0191 5200835

Byrness Patchwork & Quilting

Meeting Day: Wednesday evening 7.0pm

Venue: Byrness Village Hall

Contact: Josephine Holliday

Phone: 01830 520461

Carville Quilters and Crafts

Meeting Day: Thursday morning

Venue: Carville Methodist Church, Carrville, Durham

Contact: Mary Storr

Phone: 0191 3863282

Cestria Patchworkers

Meeting Day: Tuesday evening 7.30 - 9.30pm

Venue: Chester-le-Street

Contact: Moira Holroyd

Phone: 0191 3861627

Chapel Lane Quilters

Meeting Day: Alternate Tuesdays 7.00pm

Venue: Methodist Chapel, Alnwick

Contact: Joy Wilson

Phone: 01665 602987

Chatterbox Quilters

Meeting Day: Monthly, 2nd Saturday all day

Venue: Hepscott Village Hall

Contact: Liz Muir

Phone: 01670 715172

Coquetdale Quilters

Meeting Day: 2nd and 4th Wednesday afternoon

Venue: Rothbury, Northumberland

Contact: Maureen Fletcher

Phone: 01665 570421

Cromer Quilters

Meeting Day: Thursday afternoon

Venue: Low Fell

Contact: Moira Galloway

Phone: 0191 487 6452

Culver Quilters

Meeting Day: Tuesday morning

Venue: Broadway Methodist Church, Cullercoats

Contact: Jean McClean

Phone: 0191 252 6859

Durham Quilters

Meeting Day: Tuesday evening 7.15 - 9.15pm

Venue: Carrville Methodist Church, Carrville Durham

Contact: Janet Heal

Phone: 0191 386 7197

Felton Patchers

Meeting Day: Monthly, 3rd Sat.urday all day

Venue: Felton Village Hall

Contact: Winefride Noble

Phone: 01670 787644

Foggi Furze Quilters

Meeting Day: Monday afternoon

Venue: Hartlepool

Contact: Lorna Scott

Phone: 01429 268642

Gallery Quilters

Meeting Day: Thursday afternoon

Venue: Gateshead

Contact: Dorothy Moffat

Phone: 0191 482 6031

Hadrian Quilt Group

Meeting Day: Alternate Wednesdays 10am to 1pm

Venue: WI Hall, Heddon on the Wall, NorthumberlandOther Info:   Aimed at beginners and improvers with a resident tutor
Contact:  Maureen Cunningham

Phone:  01661 843355

Mob:     07801 482204

Heddon Patchers

Meeting Day: Alternate Wednesdays 10.30am - 2.30pm

Venue: W.I. Hall, Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland

Other Info:  A new group of mixed ability with a resident tutor.

Contact: Ann Allsopp

Phone: 01661 853695

Contact: Anne Hamilton

Phone: 01661 854320

Hepscott Quilters

Meeting Day: Monday 10am - 3pm

Venue: Hepscott Village Hall

Contact: Rosemary Redshaw

Phone: 0191 682 2335

Horsley Quilters

Meeting Day: Monthly, Saturday

Venue: WI Hall, Horsley

Contact: Audrey Smith

Phone: 0191 487 6411

Longfram Quilters

Meeting Day: Monthly, 2nd Saturday of the month 10am - 3pm

Venue: Memorial Hall, Longframlington

Contact: Maureen Ripley

Phone: 01665 570203

Lowick Quilters

Meeting day:  Tuesday 9.30-12.30

Venue: Lowick Village Hall

Contact: Mary Lockie

Phone: 01890 820 226

Minerva Quilters

Meeting Day: Monthly, Saturday 10.30am - 3.30pm

Venue: Alnwick, Northumberland

Contact: Claire Lofthouse

Phone: 01665 578345

Pegswood Beginners

Meeting Day: Tuesday evening 7pm - 9pm

Venue: Pegswood

Contact: Nancy Fowlie

Phone: 01670 519660

Pegswood Quilters

Meeting Day: Wednesday evening

Venue: Pegswood

Contact: Mary Fletcher

Phone: 01670 515895

Peterlee Quilters

Meeting Day: Weekly, Tuesday 10.00am - 3.00pm

Venue: Helford Road Pavilion, Peterlee

Contact: Pauline Collins

Phone: 0191 586 5242

Rainbow Quilters

Meeting Day: Wedneday morning

Venue: Seaburn Centre, Whitburn Road, Seaburn

Contact: Valerie Jackson

Phone: 0191 529 2179

Sew and Chat

Meeting Day: Wednesday evening 7.00 - 9.00pm (during term time)

Venue: St James' Church & Community Hall, Burnopfield

Phone: 01207 271930Contact: Joyce Thompson

Shakespeare Hall Monday Quilters

Meeting Day: Monday morning

Venue: Shakespeare Hall, North Road, Durham

Contact: Muriel Wilson

Phone: 0191 384 2010

Stitched Up Quilting Group

Meeting Day : Tuesday 10am - 1pm 

Venue: North Shields Methodist Church

Contact: Angela McIntosh

Phone: 07557 978 803

South Shields Quilters

Meeting Day: Tuesday mornings from 10am to 1pm

Venue: St Paul's Church, Beach Road, North Shields

Contact: Barbara Thomas

Phone: 0191 456 7573

Teesdale Quilters

Meeting Day: Thursday 2.00 - 4.00pm

Venue: Gainford Village Hall

Contact: Margaret Foster

Phone: 01325 730523

Usworth Quilters

Meeting Day: Wednesday, 6.30pm-9.30pm and Thursday 9.30am - 12noon 

Venue: High Usworth Church Hall, Usworth, Washington

Contact: Pat Ternent

Phone: 0191 388 3480

Wylam Quilters

Meeting Day: Monday evenings 7 - 9pm

Venue: Wylam Methodist Church Centre

Contact: Hazel Chalmers

Phone: 01661 836692