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Mini-Collider & e-textiles Workshops with Kate Findlay

This event takes place on 21st March 2016 from 10:00am to 4:00pm and will take place at Stannington Village Hall, NE61 2EL. It is a Guild event being organised by Anne Colver, or 01670 517199.

Mini Collider - Using synthetic shiny fabrics provided by your teacher, bonded back to back to create a relief design.  Learn how to position the circles in different ways to create your own variations.

Introduction to e-textiles – You will be shown how to use conductive thread to sew a circuit on fabric which will light up some tiny lights (LEDS). Kits will be available at £5 each and will have the components needed to make a light up brooch or similar project.  This is an easy hand sewing project.

It should be possible to do both projects in the day or if some people don’t want to do the e-textiles they can continue the collider project whilst others move on to e-textiles.