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Kathleen Fisher

I have been quilting and patchworking since the 1980s when I became interested through some classes being run in Edinburgh. Susequently we moved to Newcastle upon Tyne where I enrolled in classes at The Shipley Art Gallery, became a member of a group working there with Helen Joseph and have moved on to become a member of my local regional committee and then a Guild Trustee, working on the Administration and Memberships areas. Although my time serving as a Trustee has now finished I would like to say how much I enjoyed being on both the Regional and National committees and I would encourage anyone with an interest in being "behind the scenes" to do the same. You meet really interesting and varied people and have some very priveleged opportunities to shape the way The Quilters' Guild is run.

I like all forms of patchwork and quilting and have tried most of them without, as yet, finding a specific area on which I want to focus so I could be called a bit of a dabbler.

I enjoy the friendship found through patchwork and quilting and have met many lovely people through my involvement with The Quilters' Guild. I would recommend it to anyone - as a way to learn, a way to meet like-minded folk and a way to support the work of The Quilters' Guild in helping more people to have the same experience.