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Lesley Nicholson

Hello. I love anything to do with material...well who doesn't...and quilting. I started hand quilting 30 odd years ago and progressed to machine quilting. As like most of you my Mum and Grandma taught me the basics of sewing, knitting crochet but it was when I came to the Isle of Man that purely by chance I joined the Mannin Quilters. I was a member for a couple of years but having a young family and working full time, I found I didn't have the time. Mrs Davies taught me how to hand quilt and all the ladies were so welcoming. That was it the seed was sewn (oh dear). My first quilt I designed for my first grandson and I named it Sea Otters and Friends. It was made by hand and took me two years. He is now 25 and still has that quilt. Thats what I love, the fact that you are making something, that's a part of you to give to your family. A