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Marilyn Hammick

Thank you for reading about me. I'm fairly new to patchwork and quilting, still wary of showing my work and slowly learning what I do well and what I probably should not try for a second time, or withour lots of practice.
Most usually I make quilts as gifts or for a purpose in my home ... so I'm the person that finds it difficult to respond to a 'challenge' as I often can't think what I would do with the result. I've also learnt that I prefer small items and recently finished my first book wrap, and have made lots of cushion covers.
I recently bought a quilting frame and wonderful Juki machine and am having great fun learning to FMQ. The process is wonderfully creative, mostly it looks very good even to my self critical eye and I'm amazed how adaptable it is ... large and small pieces work equally well.
I'm presently the Chair of Mole Valley Quilters and part of a very hard working group organising our next exhibition in St Nicolas Church, Bookham, Oct 24-5, 2014.
I also knit (presently refining my sock technique), write poetry and occasionally I do some work -work! You can find out more about me on my blog and follow me on twitter @trywords.