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Breast Buddies

As always the patchwork and quilters of the region are extremely generous.

Following a brief talk about the Breast Buddies to all attendees at the Regional Day in October I was asked by 3 groups if they could make the buddies at their usual group sewing meeting.

Breast Buddies are gratefully received by cancer patients following a mastectomy operation.  They are worn over the shoulder, the cushion helps to avoid rubbing against the scar and particularly useful when driving.  A constant supply is required as the buddies are distributed via the Macmillan Information Centres in hospital throughout the North East. The buddies are given free to patients although many patients are so grateful that ladies have taken the time and effort to make them that they give a donation to Macmillan.

Members of Tursdale and Hett W.I., which includes Macmillan volunteers, meet a couple of times a year to produce the buddies.  We made a batch in August and are already running out.  As well as working hard we have a lot of fun and laughter and homemade cakes!

If any group are willing to help to have a day making the buddies please contact me and I will send you a sample to work from.  This will give you the type of fabric required and the amount of stuffing required.

Maggie Taylor 07514286757