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Linus Quilt News

Once again our region has excelled itself by producing another 76 quilts, much to the delight of Lyn Antill, the National Coordinator for Project Linus.

These carefully made, beautiful, colourful quilts are very much appreciated.  Following is an extract of a letter from the  manager of a women's refuge in the area. 

"The timing of their arrival (the quilts) was strange in that the day before there was a little girl on the settee looking a bit forlorn as she was off school with Chicken Pox.  I popped out to buy her a comfort blanket as she looked like she needed something to snuggle into, and then made a mental note that we must try to get a store of comfort blankets.  So, for you to turn up with all those beautiful quilts was absolutely perfect.  The quilts will be given out to all the traumatised and anxious children who arrive at our refuges and I know they will be a great source of comfort to them.  We have already given some to our resident children who ran around converting them into tents, cloaks and places to hide and then took them up to bed to sleep under.  When they leave they'll take the quilts with them, hopefully as a way of taking
happy memories and a sense of security to their new homes."

The children all keep their quilts so the project is continually
in need of lots more to give support at a time of crisis in their little lives.  Many don't understand what is happening to them and others are all too aware  - so PLEASE, PLEASE, make more quilts  or get each member of your quilt group to make a block then put them together at a quilting day.  The quilts go to hospitals, hospices, refuges - anywhere where there are children in need of comfort.  Any size is acceptable but for incubators, the size is 18" x 36".  For teenagers it is good to have quilts which fit the top of a single bed below the pillow 30" x 60"  

If you would like to contribute to the Linus project please contact any committee member listed on the 'Regional Contacts' page who will put you in touch with our Linus representative.