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All you need to do is to collect your used inkjet or toner cartridges, old mobile phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants) or other digital equipment.  Then sign up with the Recycling Appeal web site or phone them on 08451 30 20 10, quoting The Quilters’ Guild.  When you register on the web site you will need to specify the organisation you wish to benefit.  Scroll down the list of organisations to the bottom, click on ‘Other’ and write The Quilters’ Guild in the drop-down box.  Recycling Appeal will then send you pre-paid envelopes or boxes so it doesn't cost you anything to recycle and raise funds for The Guild!The web site has a list of the cartridges that they can recycle.  Go to 'View Price Guide' and then select Inkjet Cartridges, Toner Cartridges or Mobile Phones.  This will give you a list of not only what they can accept but also what The Guild would receive for each item. 

Please note that they do not accept any Epson cartridges, refilled, compatible or broken cartridges or toner bottles.  Remember to take the SIM card out of any mobile phone you send for recycling.

I hope you can join in with this worthwhile new initiative.

Liz Whitehouse, Chief Executive